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Kitesurf Punta Cana School
Established since 2009

We don't give lessons, we teach!


IKO Certification Included_edited.jpg
IKO Certification Included_edited.jpg
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  • We are a group of Passionate Kite Surf Instructors who strive for Excellence in our teaching, sharing our deep knowledge of Kite Surfing is what we excel at

  • We have over 23 years of teaching experience

  • We have the most beginner friendly beach with flat water waist deep and uncrowded beach were you can advance your level quickly and safely

  • Our Instructors are multilingual and IKO certified

  • Most Family friendly Kite Center with a full Beach Club with, shaded lounge chairs, bathrooms & showers, free WiFi, lockers & air compressor.

  • Located at just 12 minutes from Punta Cana Airport

  • We use the best gear in the industry (Duotone) & (Crazyfly)


Supervised Equipment Rental Supervised Equipment Rental – 1 Session 1 – 3 Hours max. 110.00 USD Supervised Equipment Rental – 1 Full Day 1 Day session 170.00 US...
3 hr

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Experience the thrill of riding the waves and the flats along the picturesque coastal scenery with towering coconut trees and Caribbean Turkoise waters of Punta Cana beaches.

This downwinder will make your vacation.

Join this adventure of a lifetime.


Meet The Team

Awesome sesh this morning with monster 3

Felipe Azar

  • Instagram

Welcome to my World!

Kite Surfing has been my life since the late 90's!


Karol Parys

  • Kite Surf Punta Cana

I look forward in helping you improve your Kiteboarding skills!


Edwin Peña

  • Kite Surf Punta Cana

Sharing the stoke of Kitesurfing is what it's all about, let's ride!

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Frequently Asked Questions



  • How long does it take to learn Kitesurfing?


It depends on the individual, each student learns at their own pace, but in general it can take as little as 9hrs to learn the basic skills and up to 15hrs



  • What Kitesurfing equipment does the school provide?

The school provides all necessary Kitesurfing gear for the safe completion of the course: helmet, life vest, water booties, harness, kite leash, kite & board


  • When is a good time to come to PC for Kitesurfing?

Our windy season is from November up to April, July & August is also windy.

The windiest month during the season is February with regular winds from 18kts up to 24kts


  • What equipment do I need to buy?

That will depend on your weight and the strength of the wind at your riding location. The most popular Kite to buy for a beginner is a 12m Kite as this size sits between a big and a small size kite.


A medium to big size board is recommended for the 1st year of riding, a helmet and impact vest or life vest is also recommended


  • What is the best time of day to start my course?

At our Kiteschool it is always better to start in the early mornings as the Sun is low and behind us. The students are fresh and our instructors are as well


  • Are the Kitesurfing courses private one to one teaching?

All of our courses are private one to one teaching with your dedicated instructor in the water with you at all times


  • Are there group lessons available?

We also offer group courses for beginners students with the same level.

A group course can be with 2  to 3 students sharing 1 instructor flying and sharing 1 Kite.

This is recommended for day 1 and day 2 only, day 3 and onwards it is recommended to go private one to one



  • Do I need to be very fit to learn?

Being fit always helps in sports, but Kitesurfing is for all ages, fitness levels and genders



  • Does my knowledge of Surfing/Wakeboarding/Snowboarding helps in learning Kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is defined as following:  90% Kite flying skills — 10% board skills.

So having board skills helps in the learning process



  • Should I pre-book my Kitesurfing course?

As we are a first come first serve company, it is highly recommended to pre-book your Kitesurfing course prior to your arrival


  • What happens if there is no wind during my stay?

All bookings are fully 100% refundable in the case of no wind during your stay


  • Do I get a Certification after completing my course?

You will obtain your IKO CERTIFICATION at the completion of your Kitesurfing course with your reached skill level. IKO is “International Kiteboarding Organization”



  • Which hotel is closest to your school?

We are directly located at the Serenade Punta Cana Hotel, close with in walking distances are: Be Live, Dreams Palm Beach, Dreams Flora and Radisson Blue


  • What is the minimum age to learn Kitesurfing?

8 years old is the minimum age

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1 809 258 2062

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